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Create Velocity - Growth, Evolution and Clarity

It is inevitable to find oneself, or one's organization or team at a period of stagnation, or worse, decline. You recognize you are in a repetitive cycle that isn't creating any positive change or impact.

You sense things must change, but the complexity of tackling it can feel overwhelming. So you remain stuck.

The things that got you to where you are will keep you there.

Change is a constant, and it will either happen to you or by you.

Change requires a tremendous amount of energy, organization and effort. Most of us are aware that we have an inner desire to make things better, to improve, to grow, to evolve.

This is only accomplished through the acts of creativity and velocity. You must pull from your ingredients to create something new, and you must generate enough velocity to fully escape the pull of the familiar and the known.

I've spent most of my life and career exploring how, when and why these moments happen: how to foster them, how to leverage them and how to direct them. Here you will find a series of explorations, resources and exercises I have found invaluable in creating my own velocity, and in empowering the clients I've worked with to create their own.

I hope you find something of value here and I welcome any feedback, correspondence or questions.

For now - go forth and create your own velocity. Be purposeful, be brave, and remember that we are all amazingly unique and creative beings.

Let's create beautiful things together.

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